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Larger sizes

50 x 60cms images / 60 x 70cm / larger

A 50 x 60cms image horse portrait
A 50 x 60cms double head portrait
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50 x 60cms

  • stunning single head portrait
  • great for 2 – 4 heads
  • great for a single full body pose
  • great for 2  full body poses
  • 3 full body compact poses possible
  • suitable for a complex setting
  • good for compact horse and rider portraits
A large head portrait
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A triple head portrait ina 50 x 60cms image
A triple 50 x 60cms image sized framed Oil
A greyhound lazes with his portrait on the wall

60 x 70cm image size

and larger

A large portrait of a dressage rider on his fresian horse

Both of these portraits are

approx 90cms x 100cms

(0.9 x 1m)

60 x 70cm tripleportrait on wall

60 x 70cm image

 Custom framed Oil

( smaller portrait is 40 x 50cms image )

A larger gallery wrap canvas with 4 dogs

Larger sizes are great for

  • complex settings
  •  multiple pets
  • stunning single pet or horse portraits
  • Horse and rider portraits
  • Action portraits
  • Montages

Maine coon cat portrait on the wall
I take credit and debit card payments