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Please plan ahead if you are after a portrait for a special occasion.

I am often booked several months in advance.

I like to have a few months to create your special memory.

I don’t mass produce. Every portrait is created to be a great likeness and really capture ‘life”.

Extra time will enable me to supply you with  the best portrait possible !

Here are some of the latest  loved ones I have brought to life.

Fresh off the easel.

More than a likeness – portraits with life!

I gave our portrait of Harry to the family and words won’t be able to tell you what their reaction was.. everyone was awestruck by the detail and accuracy of your work.

They were blown away.


Thank you Sue

Jenny - NSW

“My annoying friend Andrew”

I don’t often get to paint for myself, but the portrait group I paint with are having an exhibition with the theme ” Friends”.

I’ve windsurfed with Andrew since 2010. He has since moved into windfoiling which is where the board rises above the water on a foil.

Foilers get going in lighter and patchier winds than I can on my windsurfer .

Once there is enough wind for me to get going I am faster than Andrew on his foil.

When I can’t get going Andrew likes to annoy me by sailing circles around me. When I get going I like to leave him in my wake!

 I wanted to capture the cheeky side of his nature in the painting.

In the portrait he is thinking how he will annoy me when we get on the water.

It is a series of 3 canvas’s.

I included the extra paintings so people understand what foiling is and how we socialise out on the water.

 Click on the photo to see more detail.


Kyah & Nadine

Sarah treasures the portrait I created of her son Harry who was killed in a bus accident.

Knowing how much his portrait had helped her family, she decided to pass the gift on, and organised a portrait as a secret gift for a friend who lost his wife and daughter in the Greta Bus tragedy.

” It absolutely blew him away as expected. It was emotional and he truly loved it.

Thought it was perfect.

He’s already found their happy place (to hang them) so they can watch over him.”



Sarah - NSW

This portrait was created in 2013.  It’s only now I’ve been able to check with Sarah that’s it’s ok to show him.

“We were gifted this beautiful portrait from some friends after we lost our gorgeous 9 yr old boy in 2012 after a tragic bus crash.
It is one of our most treasured gifts, and sits pride of place in our lounge where he watches over us.
Sue captured Harry’s spirit perfectly. The kindness and cheeky glint in his eyes, his dimples and his calm relaxed nature.
We couldn’t be happier and more grateful for such a precious portrait.”



Sarah - NSW

An oil portrait of a girl and her much loved horse

“She loves it! It’s up in her room already “

” My daughter and I are so pleased with the final work, showing amazing likeness of both my daughter and Sox with the hint of his cheeky personality flickering in his eye – it is as if Sue had seen the two together. The painting now hangs proudly in my daughter’s room, bringing our beautiful boy into our lives when we can’t be with him.




Fiona - Vic

” I feel like if I call her she’ll turn and walk right out of the frame “


Lillian - Vic

I would like to say thankyou so much, it is perfect, and she loves it. “



Rick - Qld

A memorial Oil portrait of a horse

” He looks fantastic up on our wall.”

Garvinh- NSW

The original reference photo which was too blurry

The original blurry  reference photo for Jet.

 Click to see what photos I used to create his portrait.

A colourful portrait of 2 cats

“You’ve really captured them!

“Miss Wysiwyg is her confident self while Rupert is doing his usual thing , looking to see what he’s missing.”

Jen & Terry


 “I’m so glad I chose you as my artist!

Tracy - Vic

A painting of 4 dogs .

Zuzie , Gidget, Baby & Daisy 35 x 1260 oil on Gallery wrap canvas

Go to my Blog to see photos of the creation of this portrait with original reference photos and closeup photos of each dog’s portrait.

A portrait of a sailor at the end of the day

Homeward Bound

My  portrait ” Homeward Bound ” was awarded 1st Prize in the CA Brown Artshow .

Here are the judge’s comments . 

The judge said - The portriat is a wonderful study , capturing his love of the sea and showing his journey through life in his face. the character of the man was so very well and sincerely portrayed.

The judges comments about my winning portrait.

 It’s great to have a judge confirm that my portraits capture the personality / soul of the subject. I’ve been  perfecting my art for years with this aim foremost in my mind.
People tell me I capture soul , something intangible, in my portraits and  it’s great to have my skill officially recognised in this way!

 500Brian with his portrait