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Custom shaped portraits

 Each portrait ends up a custom shape to best suit your photo.

This allows us to get maximum ‘life’ in each portrait and really bring your pet to life!

Most artists make your photo suit a standard shape portrait. One  that best suits their framer.

I work the opposite way and make the portrait shapes to best suit your portrait!

Doing this gives you a portrait with maximum impact!

If I used standard sizes like many artist’s your photo might not suit the standard framing shape. I’d have to include more body which make your pet’s face smaller.

It’s better to crop your photo to a shape that gives maximum impact and then make the canvas suit your photo!

This means you don’t end up with a little portrait with lots of space around it.

Here are 2 portraits – both are an equivalent size but have different shapes to best suit each pet.

Each portrait is a custom shape to maximise the impact of your pet

The original reference photo

The original reference photo

The finished portrait

The finished portrait


The concept in use.

Here the original photo is rectangular and Shirts face is only a small part.

By cropping the photo we make him the star!

I then make a custom shaped board or canvas for his portrait.