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Why should I choose you to create my portraits?

More than a likeness – portraits with life!

Having your portrait look like your pet or loved one is an obvious requirement. I guarantee your portrait will look like your pet / loved one not just a generic breed.My portraits go a step further and capture an elusive feeling or life . 

 “Thanks you so very much Sue. There are no words to describe how truly thankful I am for what you have done.

You bought Oscar back to life. I cannot ever thank you enough!”

Tracy Lee

What do I need to do to start the process?

Email through your favourite photos . Don’t reduce the quality or size. I will then put them in an editing program and check whether they are suitable to use and create your portrait. If you have many photos you may need to send a few emails of  up to 25MB total size. If you have lots it is best to post a USB stick or a CD to Sue Linton 159 Coney creek lane Quorrobolong 2325 NSW Australia For more options and details talk to me about the best way for your situation. 

How do I order my portrait

Talk to me about your ideas. We can look at your photos and I can suggest some options. Once you are happy with the idea a 1/3rd deposit books you and grabs a start date. I accept direct deposit , credit card ( extra fee) , Paypal  , money order, cash & cheque.

How far ahead do I need to order?

I’m often booked several months in advance and I’m constantly taking new bookings.  A 1/3rd deposit  secures you a place in my waiting list . Once you’re booked in you know when your portrait will be created and you can plan around that. If we need photos they can be organised in the ensuing months . If you need an urgent portrait I can sometimes fit in a small portrait so talk to me. Another option if I can’t create a portrait in time is to purchase a  gift certificate . You can present the certificate on the special occasion and then the person who receives it can contact me and be involved in the process. blank gift certificate expires Dec 2014 If you have a special event – birthday , anniversary etc plan ahead and contact me early to allow time for your portrait to be scheduled and created.

How long will it take?

Each portrait is a quality custom hand painted portrait and takes many hours to create. I’m not taking as many portraits these days and I like to allow as much time as possible for each.

The longer you can give me the more time I have to put it aside and come back with a fresh eye. This allows me to decide the finishing little accents that will really bring your portrait to life!

These are a guide but if you can give me longer that will really help. I usually allow 4 months from when I start for a smaller portrait ( 30 x 40cms image or smaller) and 6 months plus for a large portrait. The actual early stages of the portrait don’t take that long but the finishing touches and tweaking, adjusting the likeness, and getting the wow factor factor take time. I sometimes need to place the portrait aside and come back to it to work out just what needs doing. I want your quality portrait to be the best I can create for you so I don’t rush these essential stages! Having said that sometimes a portrait just wants to be born and can almost paint itself! A portrait created from one clear photo will take less time than one using a blurry photo for the pose and additional photos to help me with the details.

What do you mean by a waiting list?

I take bookings on a first come first created basis and I am constantly taking bookings. The earlier you book in the sooner your portrait will be started!

My pet has passed away and I don't have many photos - can you create a portrait?

Although it is not ideal,  provided you have some sharp photos to help me, it is possible. I know how important a portrait is in these situations and I try to help as much as I can. I can often use a less than perfect photo for the pose, and use additional sharper ones to help me with the details. We need to have photos from a similar angle to the chosen pose, although they don’t need to be flattering,  just sharp. I have even created a portrait using a breed photo for one of the dogs .It was agreed the photo looked just like the dog that had passed away. We need to be careful of copyright with this method. Another option is if you have photos of another of your dogs that looks similar. I can sometimes change markings etc to make this dog look like your passed one. See suitable photos

Can you put all my pets into my portrait?

I can place more than one pet in your portrait. Either from the one photo or from different photos placed together. The more pets in a portrait the larger the portrait need to be to do them justice. It’s not possible to get character into their faces if they are too small in the portrait. Minimum sizes suggestions are below although larger sizes will be better. 30 x 40cms image size heads only- possible for 3 pets but better for only 2 pets. 40 x 50cms – 2 full bodies or 3 heads I can create portraits with more than 3 pets so talk to me about your ideas. If you have many pets  my 20 x 20cms Oil’s are great for head portraits .

Quirky colourful Oil dogs

Quirky colourful Oil dogs

They can be hung in a nice gallery design for a feature wall of portraits. Horses– 30 x 40cms best for a head only portrait or a front on body pose 40 x 50cms – full body or compact pose cropped horse and rider 50 x 60cms – horse and rider

What sort of photos do I need to have so my pets can be placed together?

The photos need to be sharp enough. Follow this link to see the types of photos suited for a portrait. For faces that are placed in a nice design on a coloured background we need to choose photos that will look nice together and fit together .I can guide you with this. It’s best to supply a few favourites photos of each pet so we can see which suit best. If you want your pets to be placed together so they look as if they were together in the original photo the photos need to be taken from a similar angle and lighting or it won’t look right. Either looking across at your pet or slightly up or down – if we use a photo of one pet where you are looking down at them and another where you are looking across it will look weird. If all your pets are still alive it is easy enough with my help to get additional photos that will suit. If you have lost a pet and want the others to go with the photo you have we can two options. We can either float their faces on a background ( which is less critical of angle / lighting) or take new suitable photos of your existing pets from the same angle.

Can you change the background or take things out that I don't want?

My usual portraits come complete with a coloured background to best enhance your pet. I get rid of any collars , leads or distracting things ( I’ll consult with you first! ).We want your pet to be the star not his collar! My deluxe options give the option of placing your pets in a setting. With suitable photos I can  place a different background behind them. With horse and rider portraits I can correct the horses carriage , conformation , and place a flattering face on the rider – even slim them down! Wish it was that easy in real life..lol’s See the creation of Oscar’s memorial portrait 500oscarcattledog

What if I don't like my painting?

I have a satisfaction guarantee-  For commissioned portraits – If you aren’t happy with your portrait, and I can’t change it so you, are I offer a full refund. I keep the portrait in my gallery as a sample and for sale. Paintings for sale on my site or shop I offer a 14 day Australia wide satisfaction guarantee. You have 14 days from when you receive your painting to decide if it is what you want. If you decide it isn’t as you expected repackage it in the packet it came in and contact me . I will organise to have it picked up and refund your money.

How do I receive my portrait?

I courier portraits worldwide. For Australia I use Fastways couriers and deliver to your door. Someone will have to sign for the portrait. Overseas can be couriered but I find that creating an unframed Oil portrait on canvas works well and is the most inexpensive option. The canvas can be rolled and sent by mail in a tube. You then frame the portrait when it arrives. With local portraits you can come to my studio to discuss the creation and options.When your portrait is finished and you’re happy with it you can pick it up. If you prefer we can still do the majority of the process via email and I can either courier your portrait or I may be able to drop it in to you at some time.

Is my portrait well protected when it's sent?

I wrap your portrait in bubblewrap , make a cardboard carton and then wrap it again in bubblewrap. I tell the courier to top load and treat it with care. Packaging your portrait in a secure cardboard package is the recommended way . I have been told portraits packaged in a wooden box can suffer from forklift damage whereas forklifts aren’t used for cardboard ones. I have never had any problems with my courier but if your portrait is damaged tell me as soon as it arrives. If you can take photos of the damage and email them to me that will help me when I contact the courier. Repackage it and I’ll arrange pickup. If I can repair your portrait I will. If not I will create you another although when I can start will depend on the current workload

Can I have my portrait unframed?

Yes. I can supply unframed portraits.I recommend this for overseas clients although I can supply them framed portraits if required. I have found that a lot of my clients have me create an unframed portrait and then time gets away and they don’t get around to framing them. For gifts and convenience I suggest having me frame your portrait so it is ready to present or hang!

Do I have a choice of frames?

I can supply custom framing for your portrait.

I choose a frame  I feel best enhances your portrait without overwhelming it.

We want attention to go to your pet rather than the frame.

When I send through the photo of your finished portrait for approval I also send through the framing idea. I attach a close up of the frame option plus a mock up I do on the computer. The mockup gives you an idea of what the portrait will look like framed with that option.

The approved computer mockup for Missy-

A computer mockup of a suggested frame for a dog portrait

 The framed portrait

I find most people love the first option I suggest but if that doesn’t suit you I can come up with others.

I frame to suit your portrait rather than the furnishings because you will have your portrait for a lifetime. Your decorating will change many times.

Your portrait is your investment and holds your pets memories .

We have spent a lot of time to get your portrait just right so we want it set off by the ideal frame!

My aim is for your portrait to have a classy timeless look.

I'd love a portrait but I don't have suitable photos

If you are local ( Lower Hunter Valley) I can come and take suitable photos. My photo taking tips  should help you to take some suitable ones.

Do I have any input into the process?

Yes. I consult with you along the way.

When you show me your preferred photos we can talk about what is possible. If needed , with your feedback, we come up with the concept for your portrait .

When it comes to start your portrait I do a sketch and email it through to see what you think. If you need any changes I incorporate them into the portrait.

When I feel the portrait is finished I email through a photo to see what you think and if necessary changes can also be made here .

Once you are happy with your portrait and framing idea I go ahead and frame ( if necesssary).

I  send through a photo of the framed portrait and final payment is due before delivery.

Sometimes I need to use several different photos to come up with your ideal portrait. In these cases I may not have one photo to check my portrait against for likeness etc. In this case  I sometimes email through a photo of the partially completed portrait for your feedback and guidance.

What affects the price of a portrait?

What sort of payment do you accept

I accept direct deposit , Visa , Mastercard and American express credit and debit cards and Paypal

Can I laybye a portrait

  Yes! I am often booked a few months in advance.

A  30% deposit will grab you a start date and then the balance can be paid in payments to suit your budget. I’m pretty flexible as long as the portrait is paid prior to delivery .

 Some clients plan ahead and book there portrait for a start later in the year . They can then budget with that in mind.


  I have the copyright for your portrait and may make cards or prints from an image of your portrait to sell at events. If you don’t want me to do this let me know. I can organise artist quality prints of your portrait for friends or family.Talk to me  about it.

Can I get copies of my portrait for family and friends?

  Yes I can organise artist quality prints of your portrait for friends or family.

They can be printed on a gallery wrap canvas / unframed or custom framed.

You must go through me to have copies created so I can allow copyright .

If you have questions I haven’t covered here just ask!