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An Oil portrait of a spirited horse created from a photo

Sue Linton Quality Portrait Artist

A photo freezes a moment while a painting melts hearts.

I bring your photos to life in paintings that will touch your heart!

An Oil painting of an arab horse painted from a photo

Framed or  unframed portraits are available.

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I take credit and debit card payments
18 x 24cms -Pastel sketch special


Pastel sketch specials start from $450

30 x 40cms Head only portrait
Oil portrait of a bay arab horse


There is more scope for me to show the character of your horse.

Head only pose- 30 x 40cms .I can do a smaller size if required but it  won’t have as much impact. A head portrait  is great for showing your horses character as I can put expression and detail into the eyes.

Compact horse and rider 30 x 40cms portraits
oil portrait of a girl and her horse

Liz & Rio

It’s possible to have a horse and rider portrait in a smaller size .We just need suitable photos with cropping.


 The small face in the polocrosse portrait above does it make it difficult for me to get a likeness ( although this one is good) due to the small features. Her features will be suggested rather than detailed.

Full body 30 x 40cms portrait

It is possible to create a smaller full body portrait say 30 x 40cms ( horse only).

In a smaller portrait the pose will be the most important thing as I won’t be able to get much detail into  your horses face due to the small size.

If you wish to show their eye and expression a head portrait or larger size will work better as I can put smaller details in to their eyes etc and bring out the expression.



40 x 50cms portraits
Oil portrait of a black warmblood horse

Soft & Kind

This portrait is actually a little smaller than a 40 x 50cms but it shows how with a larger head portrait I can get more detail into the face.

Commissioned Oil portrait of a horse


A full body pose



Another 40 x 50cms full body

 I don’t have any horse and rider ones as most people go for a larger portrait so the riders face is larger.

Larger horse and rider portraits


Rhiannon & Storm

  Larger portraits make a stunning centrepiece in a room!

Cheryl + Jack on the wall

On the left is a large 75 x 85 image size framed portrait. The portrait on the right is a 40 x 50cms image framed portrait.

An oil portrait of a dressage stallion

Medallion 20 x 30cms image size Framed Oil

” Louise loved her painting.

” I joked and said I expected downlights installed above the painting as Lou’s husband was an electrician in a former life – so he did and they are on a timer so that they are on from when they arrive home until they leave for work the next morn. Even if you get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet you can view the painting.

A huge success just not sure how to top it next year.”


  We took down the painting by Pro Hart and put up Medallion in it’s place!”


Toni & Louise

caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”563″] Chery Duff with All Zipped Up and Mr Expensive

Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Equitana 2009
75 x 85cms image size
Framed Oil[/caption]

‘It’s Gorgeous!’


30 x 40cms
Gallery wrap Canvas

” You’ve really caught the action!!…everyone who sees it loves it..”