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Types of Oil and Pastel portraits

A Pastel Pencil sketch of a Greyhound dog

Pastel pencil sketch

25 x 30cms image size

Pastel pencils are Pastel in a pencil form. They creat great detailed sketches.They  don’t have quite the vibrancy of colour that pastel has.

Sketches can have a simple coloured paper background or I can add a background.

A portrait of a Beagle and a Foxy dog

Pastel painting

30 x 40cms image size

 Here you can see the vibrancy of colour possible with Pastel.

Pastel paintings have the whole paper covered and I can paint a coloured background chosen to best enhance your pet’s colour.There is not much of the background paper colour showing through. You can see the lines , marks of the Pastels as they are drawn – some smooth areas and some textured areas.

A pastel portrait of a bay pony

Pastel Portrait

 25 x 30cms image size

Although Oils are great for shiny glossy horses Pastel can also be used. Pastel is great for shaggy ponies and draft horses. Here I have used a vibrant blue background to highlight a shaggy BJ.

Some framed pastels

Framed pet portrait of a bull mastiff dog
Framed pet portrait of a Rottweiler dog

Gallery wrap Oils

A gallery wrap canvas of a labrador puppy
An Oil gallery wrap canvas of 2 dogs

Gallery wrap oils are custom  made canvas’s.I  use the same quality  canvas as I use with my framed Oils . The sides are about 4cms deep and I paint your portrait around the sides of the canvas.

 They are designed to be hung unframed.

Gallery wrap canvas’s  can be framed at a later date but as they are deeper than a usual canvas there aren’t quite as many frames choices compared to a normal depth canvas.

If you are after a framed Oil you are probably better getting me to create you portrait on a board and have me custom frame it ready to hang. This way I can also offer the option of having your pet’s name written on the frame.

You can read more about my framing under Framed oils below.

Custom framed Oils

When I frame your portrait I often use an inner cream moulding between the portrait and the frame. This gives a classier look. This cream layer( slip)  often has a gold inner line that sits against the portrait and adds to the effect. Using the extra cream slip looks much better than just placing a frame up against the portrait- this can often look cheap and nasty.

Using a slip also increases the size of your portrait and it’s impact!

It allows the option of having me write your pet’s name on the frame. If you’d like this mention it when you book.

2 horse portraits on the wall
A framed Oil pet portrait of a horse
Framed Oil portrait of a horse
A framed memorial portrait of a Doberman dog

Once the portrait is finished I go through all my framing mouldings and select a frame I think best enhances your portrait . I then do a mockup on the computer which gives you an idea of what the portrait will look like framed with that moulding.

I email a photo of your portrait through for approval / changes with photos of the  framing option. In addition to the mockup I also attach a detail photo of the actual frame moulding.

If you don’t like what I have chosen I’ll show you other options until you are happy . I generally find people love my first suggestion!

A large Oil portrait of a Great Dane


 52 x 82 cms image size

 Custom framed Oil

 Having spent many hours creating your perfect portrait we want a frame that sets the portrait off beautifully but isn’t overbearing.

A frame  that is the supporting act and leaves your pet or loved one as the star!

This way your portrait will always look great.I generally frame to suit your portrait.

You’ll have your portrait for a lifetime and in that time you will change your furnishings and paint scheme many times.

I am flexible  so if you have a frame idea in mind let me know . We may be able to find an option that suits both  the portrait and your current scheme.