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Portrait of a cat

Sue Linton Quality Portrait Artist


I bring your photos to life in paintings that will touch your heart!

Portrait of an arab horse


500finalHomeward bound

Brian with the oil portrait I created of him

small alex

More than just a likeness – portraits with Life!

I create portraits of loved ones , pets , horses and special places.

 Go to my galleries to see portraits I have created for clients.


“Your paintings capture more life than a photo ever could!”


Portraits created for clients worldwide and shipped to your door.

It can all be done via the internet – just email me your photos.

Multiple times Winner of  Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards in Arts

Your portrait will look like your pet , but  will be more lifelike , 3D and colourful than the photo.

 Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Leigh with her portrait of Jessie

‘It was by the greatest fortune imaginable that I found Sue Linton via an internet search.

There are many artist to choose from but there was something about the quality of the portraits she’d painted and showed as examples that captivated me.Every animal’s eyes were different. I saw the personality emerging from the various paintings even when the breeds were the same. I knew I had stumbled upon someone who was truly gifted.

When my portrait of Jessie arrived I was speechless. How could someone who had never met my dog capture her so perfectly? ‘ 


‘A photo freezes a moment while a painting touches hearts!’

Have you ever been caught up in the moment and taken a photo of your pet or horse and when you have looked at it later it just doesn’t capture them?

My portraits recapture the magic!

How do I do it?

A photo shows every part of your pet, every hair and the background with the same emphasis …the important thing , your emotional connection, gets lost in the detail.

Photos are very two dimensional and if you have a black or white dog you know how hard it is to get a decent photo of them- they either come out a white or black blob!

When you look at your pet you don’t take in every detail or hair. You focus in on what’s important to you – their soulful eyes, expression and character. This focus and emotional connection is lost in a photo.

I make their expression , eyes , nose , ears or gestures foremost and downplay the rest. By subtle methods I also make them three dimensional and put any background where it belongs ..in the background , not centre stage!

When you look at your portrait you will once again feel that emotional connection. Captured now for a lifetime of enjoyment.

I don’t often show reference photos as I often use many photos to create your perfect portrait. Your portrait will look like your pet but it may not look exactly like the original photo.

The original photo of a bulldog puppy

The original reference photo


Please take me home?
30 x 40cms
Oil on gallery wrap

The finished Oil portrait

Oil portrait of a draft horse

60 x 70cms image size
framed Oil

“My father is such a hard person to buy for but I think it’s something that touched his and all our hearts.  Thanks for making it happen!  We can’t sing you enough praise!!”



18 x 24cms image size
Framed Pastel sketch

 ‘WOW Oh my Gosh that is amazing, that’s is so her. We love it. Thank you so much.
All I can say is WOW!’

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Staff was 16 and getting near the end. A few workmates decided to put in for a Christmas portrait of her for their boss. We went up and took photos and she was having trouble getting around.

We were So lucky we took them straight away as she had to be put down the following week.

‘He is gunna love it forever!’ Candice

I made Staff look younger so now the portrait will bring a lifetime of memories of the good times they had together..

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” I am just writing to thank you for your amazing portrait of my old staffie that Candice and the girls gave me for Christmas. The portrait is so full of her character and is almost 3D! It was and still is a very emotional picture and gift, I am totally blown away by what Candice has done, and your wonderful painting. You are very talented.’ Marshall




40 x 50cms


” It’s all that I was after and more! It conveys the soft loving woman that is Isobel which is exactly what I wanted. It will be a treasured heirloom.”