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Sue painting a demonstration painting
Sue painting the Bullocky Mural at Kurri
Sue painting a pet portrait in her studio

       ‘ I bring your photos to life in paintings that will touch your heart!’

 I’m an  award winning artist and business and live in a rural environment at Quorrobolong , near the Watagan Mountains,  in the Hunter Valley NSW.

I’ve been specialising in portraits of pets , people and animals since 1998 and I can provide a complete service from taking suitable photographs ( local enquiries ) , painting your  portrait or scene, and finishing with a quality frame. All you need do to commission a painting is tell me your ideas.

My aim is to give you the best portrait possible – one that is better than your photo, not just a likeness,  but with colour and life!

I create custom canvas’s and boards to best suit each portrait giving you maximum portrait and minimum background.If you would like your pet in a setting I will create the best shaped portrait to get the effect you are after.

I can custom frame your portrait so it is stunning and ready for the great unveiling!

You provide the photos and then just plan the great unveiling!

I paint all subjects in Pastel , Mixed Media  & Oil paint and my artworks are held in collections interstate and overseas.

You can purchase my original artworks direct from my website with Paypal. They all come with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee.

I  paint traditional oil landscapes with a delicate yet colourful style.

Do you have a place you love?

I can paint from suitable photos or if you are local I can come and take some or set up my easel and create your painting at your place!

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    A bit more about me.

I have been creating portraits since 1998.  I love the outdoors , nature and animals.

I’ve been drawing animals since I was a child and people tell me I have a skill in capturing their essence. I feel I have a connection with nature and animals.

As well as horseriding,  I love  bushwalking, sailing, kayaking, cycling and sailboarding .

I live on an acreage with my partner , about  50 semi tame kangaroos, and my horse Zeuss who I had for 19 years. ( Unfortunately I had to put Zeuss down when he was 26 years old.)

As a horse owner and rider who used to play with dressage, I know about horse anatomy and what’s desirable for a great portrait of both horse and rider.

Read more about Zeuss

Zeuss and I have had a rocky history .He used to buck me off regularly . This was good in a way,  as it got me interested in natural horsemanship ( groundwork) and getting lessons so I could better stay on!

It took a while but with some professional retraining , education for both Zeuss & I , we  got along pretty well!

He ended up being practically a pushbutton horse.. at least on the ground. None of this tying up and pushing around for us.. just body language and a few signals with a good boy at the end..

He learnt leg aids mean do something,  and not ‘ argh! she’s out to get me!!”

When he reached old age he  slowed him down a little too ( Thank goodness lol’s )  – until he thinks something is going to eat him and then he thinks he’s a 2 year old..grr

Here’s a few photos of Zeuss & I, local wildlife and me at play and in my studio at ‘work.’

Sue with her horse Zeuss

Zeuss & I got along well.

Sue riding her horse Zeuss
Sue doing groundwork with her horse Zeuss
Sue feeding a tame kangaroo

Cycling the backroads of the Hunter Valley

Sue sailboarding
Sue bushwalking in the Hunter Valley

Bushwalking in the Hunter Valley

Sailboarding on Lake Macquarie

Sue sailboarding