Gallery of Cat portraits

Cat portraits in Oil

 Scroll down to see portraits I have created for clients.

Click on an image to be taken to a larger version with more information.

If I have a photo of the framed portrait you can view the framing,any testimonial and more information in the larger version.

If I don’t have framing or a testimonial for a portrait it’s not because the person didn’t like their portrait – just that I neglected to get the information!

 Cat portraits in Pastel

Click on each image to be shown a larger image and more information.

A portrait of 3 Maine Coon cats on a climber

Sapphire , Gabriel and Kiri
61 x 71 cms image size
Framed Oil

‘ This picture will be a treasured and valuable addition to our collection and will have a special place in our home. Great really happy!!!!!!!!


A portrait of a ginger cat

25 x 30cms image size
Framed Oil

  ‘It’s absolutely brilliant! Spot on. You’ve really captured him!’


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