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A colourful portrait of 2 cats

“We want to thank you for the beautiful portrait of Miss Wysiwyg and Rupert, you have certainly captured their likeness and personalities; Wysi’s 17.5yrs of cunning and wisdom, Rupert’s 7yrs of cheekiness and naivety.

Thank you, a special memento we will cherish always. 

Your love and passion for what you do, is evident in your work; thank you.  The portrait is now proudly hanging in our main thoroughfare. “

Jen and Terry

One reference photo for the portrait of 2 cats

The refernce photo for a black and white cat

Sue- “I had Terry take many photos of them both. I  picked the ones that went well together and mocked up a few ideas. These were the photos we chose.

I commented that it was unusual to pick  photos where the pets aren’t looking at you.

 Jen explained “It’s  a typical pose between them. Rupert is always worried he’s missing out.

Sue – “What a great idea!”

The framed portrait of 2 cats