Happy clients with their gift pet portrait of their dogs painted from a photo

Charlotte & meg on the wall

Capture their love in a portrait for a lifetime of treasured memories.

 Not just a likeness – Portraits with life!  


Dog Portraits in Oil

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An oil dog portrait of a Schnauzer

An oil pet portrait of 2 Maltese cross terriers


Griff and Harley
50 x 50cms
Oil on Gallery wrap Canvas

“Thank you very much for the beautiful painting of ” our kids “.

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It brought tears to my eyes when I saw the finished painting and Barry was lost for words and got emotional when he was given the painting. It’s now hanging up in the family room where it can be seen all the time.

Griff and Harley “the kids ” will always be with us now. “

” I hope all went well with your Demonstration at the weekend and we would have gone if we’d known earlier .

Our painting has pride of place in the family room and brings us joy each time we look at it. We don’t think Harley will be with us too much longer , so the painting is especially loved .”


30 x 40cms
Oil on Gallery wrap canvas

  “It’s beautiful! “

“She won’t get anything like this gift  from anyone else!”


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“It’s the spitting image of her. ” Emily

Julie and Emily

A memorial portrait of a Staffy dog lost as a result of the Queensland floods

Memorial portrait of Gruff
40 x 50cms
Framed Oil

“Gruff has arrived – how fast is that Courier – it arrived in perfect condition and super fast so that’s awesome.

 Now to the painting – ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!

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I was trying to get ready for work this morning but kept getting distracted looking at him … you have just captured him so well, His face stands out so well and his eyes are so perfect, they have sparkle in them. His white chin and his smile – its all so so perfect – all the different colours used to get that perfect match, so much depth to the painting –  we really cant thank you enough!

 You have really given us something we will treasure forever and something that does help with the loss of Gruff. When I look at the painting it makes me so happy to remember him for the good times and makes me feel so proud of him.

We are still debating the perfect spot to hang him so I will let you know when he is officially on the wall.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, from the bottom of our hearts.”

This is a posthumous portrait of Gruff a lovely Staffy who was lost as a result of the Queensland floods. He was sent to a property while his owners flew home and was bitten by a snake & died.

He was only 3 1/2 years old and sounded like a one in a million little dog so his owners were devastated.

I hope the portrait can give them years of lovely memories and help ease the pain of his death.


Kimberly and Duane

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