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 An Oil pet portrait of a kelpie cross dog

“Thank you Sue for painting such a beautiful portrait of our beautiful Missy. You have really brought out her personality and character. I am rapt. It has been a wonderful journey in dealing with you and I am so glad I found you. I look forward to picking Missy up today and driving her to her home where she’ll take pride and place . I am also looking forward to our next portrait of our special girl. You are the best 👍”


“Just letting you know that I returned Missy to her home and Barb last night.

Barb  loves it and was amazed at how real you made Missy look. She complimented you on the detail and the pink theme.

( We knew Barb loved pink- Sue)

Something I had forgotten was when another dog tore Missy’s bottom lip some time ago which created a small disfigurement. Barb noticed that you captured it which is a huge compliment Sue.

Anyway I am happy she loves it. She has Missy watching over her at home now.


Graeme- NSW

 A happy customer with his portrait of his kelpie cross

Memorial portrait of Missy
 30 x 40cm image size
Custom framed Oil

“I am so happy with Missy’s first portrait. The detail is incredible.
It brings out her character, her personality, her softness and certainly her alertness.
Her eyes are amazing..”

Missy finished 2

Our first portrait is a surprise for her mum Barb.
( Sue- Graeme is also having a portrait created for himself ).
I decided to have her portrait created as a beautiful way of bringing her home , honouring her, speaking of her and  remembering her. She will always bring love to home.
I found Sue by doing my own research via Google. I looked at all her work on her website and liked her style ,wonderful ways and how she almost brings the pets back to life. I looked no further after discovering her.
Barb loves pink, it’s her favourite colour on everything really and the way that Sue has blended the shades of pink into the portrait and frame gives a unique, soft effect and I feel  it highlights Missy even more .


We were devastated when Missy passed away aged 16.


Sue – The photo we used.
It’s a lovely photo but not as sharp as I like so I used extra ones to help.

Missy’s sketch



I usually paint your portrait and then select the most flattering frame so your pet is the star, and the frame the supporting act. You will change your decor many times over the years you have your portrait but the frame will always flatter your pet.
Graeme said Barb loves pink and if possible he’d like a pink frame.
There aren’t many around but I managed to source some pink moulding and I planned the portrait around the pink frame. I included pinks in her portrait so she would suit the frame and I finetuned her even more once she was in the frame.


We are using the same reference photo for Graeme’s portrait.
Stay tuned for another version of Missy.

Memorial to Missy

Why I believe our beautiful Missy will never die.
Missy never died, she didn’t know how to. She got tired, she got old and her bones hurt. Of course she didn’t die, if she
did she wouldn’t always want to go for a walk, even long after her old bones would say “no, no not a good idea, let’s not
go for a walk”. No, Missy always wanted to go for a walk. She seldom tripped and never collapsed into a heap, our
bravest girl just loves to walk. Missy loved our company, after all, a walk with us, a ride in the car and a comfortable bed is all there is. Another dog’s mark, cats’ poo and a rotting chicken bone and us. That’s what makes her world
perfect, and in a perfect world death has no place.
However, Missy gets very sleepy. That’s the thing we see. They don’t teach that at University where they know so much
they forget that dogs never die.  It’s a shame really. Dogs have so much to offer and people just talk a lot.
When I think Missy has died, she has just fallen asleep in my heart. And, by the way, she is wagging her tail madly, I can
see and I can feel and that’s why my chest hurts so much my eyes drown in tears.
Kind regards,