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Oil portrait of a horse

Sue Linton Quality Portrait Artist

Not just a likeness- Portraits with life!

I bring your photos to life in paintings that will touch your heart!

Pet portrait of a terrier dog

Portrait Price Guide

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The pricing of a portrait is a complex thing as there are so many variables.

Read more about factors affecting the pricing. 

All prices are in Australian dollars- AUD

Here are a few samples – I have many options!

Talk to me and we can come up with the best option to suit you!

As an indication prices start at $350 for a single Pet Oil  head portrait on a 20 x 20cms canvas or $450 for a  35 x 43cms framed size single pet Pastel sketch.

Multiple pets in a portrait are more of an investment. This is because as soon as we have extra pets we need a larger portrait so that each face is a decent size. Too small a size and their faces are too small for me to paint the little details that capture their expression and character.

It also takes me quite a while to go through your photos and select ( with your help) the nicest ones that will fit together to make a great portrait. I then do a ‘mock up’ on the computer to show you how they will look placed together in the portrait.The more pets the larger the size needs to be and the more time it takes to piece the concept together.After this has been worked out I can then start to paint!

With a single portrait I can use a small size canvas or paper and start painting immediately.

2 pets in the one portrait start from $575 for an unframed Pastel pencil sketch or $1510 for a gallery wrap Oil – ( 30 x 40cms image size) . Extra pets vary from an extra $150 each to $300 depending on portrait size. Your pet can look great placed in a setting. This takes extra planning and time to create and look natural and  so they are a bit extra.How much depends on how complex the background is.

Multiple pets require larger sized portraits . I put much skill and time into  capturing each pet’s individuality. When there are extra pets I also have to plan how all of the individual pets  work together in the design to make a great painting. Contact me to talk about your own requirements.



I have more options than discussed here.

I can generally come up with something to suit your budget so talk to me.

Ask about my  interest free  payment plan .

Selby and Molly with owners

A 30 x 40cms Gallery wrap oil double head portrait

500bear andstorm with rob

A double custom framed Pastel portrait

40 x 50cm image size

Each portrait is a custom shape to best suit your photo.

More portrait and less background to make your pet the star!

It’s a common practise for artist’s to use standard size canvas’s for every portrait as it makes the framing easier for them.

 I don’t do this. I have a custom shaped canvas created for your  portrait. This ensures your pets face or body will be the major part of the painting.
That way your pet ( the important thing) is the star of the portrait and there is minimal background.

I have standard sizes for quoting only. I then adjust your portrait so it works out a similar cm square but is  the best shape for your chosen photo.

The only exception to this is if you prefer your pet in a setting and then the shape is chosen to include the best amount of background to get the desired effect.

 To explain – If I used standard rectangular sized canvas’s like many artist’s but your best portrait option is a  square shape you would  end up with a smaller portrait with a lot of background.

See a sample to see what I mean

A photo of a bull mastiff dog

The original reference photo is rectangular and has Shirts face pretty small.

Although this is a dog portrait the concept is the same with any portrait.

By making the canvas a square custom shape Shirt’s face ( the important thing)

is much larger and there is not much background.

I can supply your portrait ready to hang with quality custom framing !

Each frame is chosen to best enhance your portrait.

A gold framed 40 x 50cms image size Oil

A gold framed 40 x 50cms image size Oil

Here is an inner cream wooden slip with gold line and a wooden frame.

Here is an inner cream wooden slip with gold line and a wooden frame.

A cream wooden inner slip with a gold line and a black and gold frame.

A cream wooden inner slip with a gold line and a black and gold frame.

 The above frames are just a sample of the type of framing I create. Each portrait’s frame is chosen to best enhance your pet.

I run my selection past you for your opinion and if you don’t like my first choice we can try others . I generally find people love the choices I suggest for them!