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What size portrait is best for me?

As it can be hard to visualise what each size portrait will look like on a wall I’ve included some photos.

750wall-2Here are 3 sizes – Left to right – 30 x 40cms gallery wrap Oil – 60 x 70cms image framed Oil – 40 x 50cm image framed Oil.

Your portrait will be a lifelong treasured investment  so you  want  the best quality portrait possible!

Talk to me about your ideas.

A pet portrait of a maltese dog

Pastel Sketch Special – 18 x 24cms image

A pet portrait painted from a photo

The pastel sketch special

Pastel Sketch Special

Great value! They start from $450 – suitable for a single  head portrait

Generally if your portrait is framed I custom frame each one , selecting the mouldings and building the frames to suit each portrait.

Pastel sketch specials are framed with ready made frames.  I upgrade these with better fittings and make them acid free so that your portrait will not deteriorate.

Because these frames are more economical I can pass my savings onto you!

There are less colour choices than with my custom framing. Black or wood ( lighter or darker toned wood).

I choose the frame to best suit each pet.

A single 25 x 30cms image framed portrait

A single 25 x 30cms image framed portrait

What does this 25 x 30cms image size best suit?

Great for a head only portrait
A pet portrait of a king charles cavalier spaniel

20 x 20cms
Oil on gallery wrap canvas

What does a 20 x 20cms Oil on canvas best suit?

Each portrait is $350 and suits a single head portrait.

A great way to immortalise a number of pets. You can rearrange them to suit your taste and they can be framed if desired.

4 small dog portraits

Above are 4 separate 20 x 20cm portraits.

a 60 x 70cms triple portrait on the wall. RHS is a 40 x 50cms one.

A 30 x 40cms image framed Pastel dog painting

A 30 x 40cms image framed Pastel

What does a 30 x 40cms image size best suit?

A 30 x 40cms image size gives an impressive single head portrait.

It’s possible to create a full body pose in this size  if the pose is compact. ( front on – 3/4 on poses) .

A double head portrait is also possible. I have done a triple head portrait in this size but your pets face will be getting pretty small and I can’t get much character into their faces. I’d suggest a 40 x 50cms image size or larger for a triple head portrait.

A single pet 30 x 40cms image starts at $450 for an unframed pastel pencil drawing.

A portrait of 4 Spaniels

A multiple pet portrait in a setting.

 Multiple pets require a larger painting .

Contact me



 0427 537 339 and we can talk about options

Natalie + framed Oscar-2

In this 40 x 50cms image sized memorial portrait of Oscar he is placed in a setting in his backyard where he used to love to roam.

A 40 x 50cms image size suits

– a full body pose.

– stunning head only portraits

– 2 or 3 head portraits.


Rob with his 40 x 50cms image Pastel pet portrait of his 2 hunting dogs

A 40 x 50cms image Pastel is a good size for a compact pose with 2 pets

Larger portraits

A portrait of a dressage rider on his Fresian Stallion

A large 0 .7 x 1m Oil on gallery wrap double portrait.

Happy clients with their surprise gift portrait
A painting of a Labrador puppy.

A 30 x 40cms Oil on a gallery wrap canvas. The portrait can be hung unframed as I continue the portrait around the sides .

Suits the same as 30 x 40cms image size

An Oil portrait of an Alsatian dog with it's happy owner

A stunning 50 x 60cms single head portrait

What does a 50 x 60cms image size best suit?

– A stunning single head portrait

-Full body poses

– Multiple heads

– Pets in a setting

A triple oil dog pet portrait

A 50 x 60cms image size triple head portrait

A 50 x 60cms image portrait with 2 pets

A 50 x 60cms image portrait with 2 pets

A double portrait 50 x 60cms image equivalent hung.

A double 50 x 60cms image equivalent portrait hung.

I can supply  quality custom framing for your portrait  – just ask!

 Talk to me about extra pets – I can paint smaller or larger sizes.

If required I can create  multiple head portraits on a 30 x 40cms image size  but over the years I have found  I really can do more justice to your pet if we go larger.

These are just a few samples of portraits I have created for people. If you don’t see what you after have a look through my gallery pages.

I paint for clients full time and don’t have time to create many extra portraits.

If it’s not there it just means no one has asked yet!

My satisfaction guarantee means you can have me create your portrait in total confidence knowing  you will love the result!!

All the sizes mentioned are image sizes.

Oil on gallery wrap canvas is the size quoted .All the framed portraits will be larger.

e.g- 30 x 40cms image custom framed Oil c 43 x 53cms framed size. Pastels a little larger again.

The suggested sizes suggested  are all minimum sizes- larger will look better.

Values quoted are starting prices for each size .