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A portrait of Sue with her horse Zeuss

Zeuss and I – self portrait 2013
63 x 78cms
Framed size

I paint portraits from a model  with the portrait group at the local art society. Each year they have an exhibition where we have to create  some portraits. 2013 we had to paint a self portrait including a hand and another member of the group chosen by drawing a name out of a hat. This portrait was my self portrait entry.

 I’m always creating horse portraits for other people while Zeuss at 21 years old is getting on so I thought it was a good way to get a portrait for myself! My partner took lots of photos and I found the nicest of me and one of Zeuss that would fit together and  created a portrait. I had to move me closer to him so the pose was more compact. I don’t get a lot of time to paint other than when I am creating portraits for people so I also entered this as my Equine art entry for the year.

I can paint a portrait of you with your horse and capture the connection you have with them!

Talk to me about your own portrait.