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A dog portrait of Shadow the ships dog from the TV show People and Food of the Mediterranean

Your painting of our beloved Shadow arrived in France without mishap.
The portrait is now hanging in pride of place , beautifully lit on our living room wall , with her ashes just beneath her in an urn on top of a 17th century armoir .
We cannot express the delight we feel each time we enter the room.

Without knowing Shadow , you have managed to perfectly capture her expression and temperament. Her nose seems wet, her hair soft enough to still pat and those dow eyes looking down on us completely unravel us. We are totally overwhelmed and cant thank you enough.

You are truly talented, not just in technique but in portraying the very soul of someone we have known and loved. It was the best gift we have ever received.
With our thanks and very best wishes,

Narelle & Patrick from the TV show 'People and Food of the Meditteranean'

The dog portrait painting on the wall

The framed portrait with me to show you the size

 Here is the custom framed portrait with me to show you the size – approx 42 x 52cms

Shadow lived aboard the 70′ wooden yacht Brianna with Narelle and Patrick who star in the TV show People and food of the Mediterranean.

She recently passed away and Leonie their friend had me create the portrait to help ease their loss.

Scenes from the TV show

Scenes from the TV show People and Food of the  Meditteranean

Yacht Brianna in the Meditteranean

Cooking scene from people and food of the Mediterranean