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A framed pet portrait painted from a photo

” I love him!!”

Jade - NSW

The original refernec photo used to paint Reilly's portrait

Alison organised a portrait of Reilly as a puppy for her grand daughter Jade.

We are going to paint another portrait of Reilly when he is grown up.

A pet portrait painted from a photo

 Here is the chosen photo. I have made Reilly a little happier in his portrait.

I can generally enhance an expression – make your dog happier from a happy photo but I can’t make them very happy if their photo is glum or sad. When they smile their whole face changes shape. I only have your photo to show me what they look like. I am guessing if I  try and change them from sad to happy . Although I have managed to make Reilly a little less sad it’s best to get a happy photo to start with!