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Factors that affect price

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The larger the size the longer it will take me to create your portrait.

How many pets are in the portrait

I take time to carefully paint each pet to  capture their character , get a good likeness and ensure they look at their best!

A single pet is less of an investment than 3 or 4 pets .

A single pet portrait can also be created on a smaller canvas – head portraits only which reduce the price.

Whether we have a simple coloured background or a more complex setting

If several pets are placed together from separate photos will they just be place floated on a coloured background in a suitable design or will they be placed together to look as if they were together when the photo was taken.

Your photos will generally dictate which of these we can do.

If we are going to place your pets together from different photos and have them look natural the photos all need to be taken from a similar angle. i.e – all looking across at your pet OR all looking down on your pet etc.

They need to all have the light coming from the same side too. This is not as hard as it sounds . With my photo taking tips you can take suitable photos or I can come and take some.

With memorial portraits this is harder but if you have a suitable photo of your passed pet ,  we can  , if required  take extra suitable photos of your current pets.

The quality of your reference photos and how many photos I need to use to create your portrait

How many photos are required to create the portrait.

The ideal is to have one  sharp flattering photo as a reference photo. Sometimes this isn’t possible – your pet has passed away or the portrait is a surprise gift for someone interstate or you can’t go and take extra photos.

In cases like that it may be possible to use your favourite photo for the pose with additional sharper close up ones to help me with your pet’s face structure , eyes etc. See what type of photos are suitable for a portrait.

Other times we may be placing a different background behind your pet or part of your pet may be obscured or missing in the original photo and we need to use extras to complete their body. All these scenarios take a lot of extra time and skill and as such are more of an investment.

See the previous toggle information.

Whether your portrait is framed or unframed.

Framing is additional but well worth the investment. My framing is very classy and will set your portrait off beautifully!

Unframed Oil portraits are suitable for overseas clients as they can be rolled and mailed in a tube. You then frame the portrait when it arrives.

Whether your portrait is an Oil or a Pastel.

Pastels are less of an investment than Oils because they are don’t take as long  to create.