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Pet portrait of a cat

Sue Linton Quality Portrait Artist

A photo freezes a moment while a painting melts hearts.

I bring your photos to life in paintings that will touch your heart!

Pet portrait of a kelpie dog

An introduction to my Pet Portraits

You can view portraits of pets, horses and loved ones I have created for clients by going to my Gallery pages.

Pastel portrait of a cat's face
Oil portrait of a Doberman dog
Portrait of a pet lorikeet
Portrait of a labrador puppy
Portrait of a dog
A memorial pet portrait of a labrador dog with his ball

Memorial portrait for Anikan
30 x 40cms
Oil on gallery wrap canvas

‘I unveiled Anikan on Valentine’s Day Night. She had no idea.

Merryl thought is was fantastic, best present she had ever got.’

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She absolutely loved it and was very emotional and there were many tears.

You have captured Anikan in such a fantastic way and we are forever grateful of such a beautiful gift.

Thanking You Gary And Merryl

Again thank you for a such a wonderful gift, we both treasure Anikan’s portrait and it now has pride of place on our wall. Cheers!!!!!

All kinds of pets painted!

Koda the fox

Portrait of a pet Lorikeet

You should say ‘ I bring out your inner pet!’


Boris 18 x 24cms image size  Framed pastel

18 x 24cms image size
Framed pastel

“‘I’m so glad I had the portrait done.

Don’t walk away and say ‘No you don’t need that!’.

I’m glad not only for myself but knowing someone else will treasure the portrait long after Boris is gone!’

Read about Bori's portrait

Alison had me create a portrait of Boris for her grand daughter Jade. Boris had been with Jade’s since she was born. As Boris was getting old Alison thought a portrait of him would be a comfort and memory long after Boris had passed away.

‘Last night was the presentation of your wonderful work. Jade is totally amazed – so are her mum and dad. The portrait is a real treasure for that family and will hang in a place of pride.

Andrew said ‘Jade that’s the kind of work you will have till you’re my age’ her reply was -‘more likely Grandma’s age’!


Very detailed portraits aren’t necessarily the best!

A photo shows everything with equal detail and importance. Your pet’s loving expression is lost against the background and mass of detail.

In the portraits I create for you I once again emphasise the important things – their eyes , smile etc so that when you view your portrait  you can  feel the connection you have with them.

I make your pet the star of the portrait and the background and distracting details are put where they belong as the supporting act!

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You may think the more detailed a portrait the better it is – it looks more like a photo.

However a detailed portrait can then end up just like a photo- flat and lifeless- you lose the soul of your pet!

The problem with detail is unless it is selective detail your pet’s character can be overshadowed by all the clutter.

You don’t notice every hair when you look at your pet – only their loving expression , soulful eyes or soft coat. These things can be better emphasised in your portrait without every hair being detailed.

My paintings are selectively detailed. I put the emphasis back on the areas that are important !

I let your pet’s character shine.

Having said that if detail is your preference I can create very detailed portraits. It’s your choice!

A wall of cat portraits

If you have many pets a gallery of portraits on the wall looks stunning.

What a great way to immortalise their memories!

Talk to me about the creation of your own heirloom portrait.

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International- 612 4998 6169

 Or email me

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You supply some suitable photos .

I  create your custom framed portrait and can courier it to your door ready to give or hang.

All you need to do is plan the great unveiling!

( Unframed portraits available too.)

If you are local I can come and take suitable photos . If not read my photo taking tips in the next tab.

 Photo taking tips

The better the reference photo the better your portrait will be!

I can usually improve on a photo but I need to be able to see the structure of your pet’s head and the shape of their nose and eyes. I can’t make a sad photo happy the whole face changes shape when they smile – not only their mouth . If we can have a happy photo to start with that will make a great difference to your portrait!

 Plan ahead – for a small portrait it is best to just have a head portrait so zoom in and just take photos of their head and shoulders. For a full body  larger portrait ( 30 x 40cms image size and larger) make sure their whole body fills the photo.

Here are some photo taking tips . Remember if you are local I can come and take suitable photos for you.

Always make sure you take plenty of sharp closeup photos of your pets. You never know when they may leave you. I have  many people asking me to create a portrait of their pet after it has passed away . Sadly I sometimes have to say it’s not possible as the only photos they have are blurry , dark or their pet is a tiny speck in the photo . One option to guard against this is to have me come and take photos of all your pets to put on file for any possible future portraits.

Dog photos –

Lighting – If possible don’t use a flash . Have your pet under a verandah in bright light or outside in overcast conditions or near a window if they are inside.You can take photos of them in bright sunlight but make sure they aren’t squinting or have any dark shadows fall across their face.

The best camera is one with 10megapixels plus , a zoom, sports or multi shot function + and a viewfinder- not just a window at the back. You can use one with just a window but there is no easy way to check if what you are taking is in focus etc so it will make things harder.

If you don’t have a suitable camera maybe you have a friend who is into photography that can help.

It’s best to have 2 people. Tie your pet up on a 3′-4′ lead. Get about 6 -7′ away from your pet at their level so you are looking them in the eye. We don’t want a photo looking down on your pet. You need to get back from them a little and zoom in to take the photo otherwise the photo will have distortions – big head etc.

Have a friend get behind you AT YOUR LEVEL with some tibbits or a toy and get them to do whatever it takes to get your pets attention. Your pet should be looking at the camera as your helper is crouched behind you ( warn the neighbours that the weird noises coming from the backyard are only you trying to get your pets attention..LOL’s)

Put your camera on best quality photos and if you have it use multi shot or sports setting so that the  camera keeps taking photos for as long as you hold the button down.Make sure the camera focuses on your pet before you press the shutter.

I need your pet to be filling the photo not a little blob in the distance so for a head portrait zoom in and just take head & shoulders. For a full body portrait don’t get much background.

Take 100’s of photos.

Cats are obviously harder as you can’t tie them up! Aim to get at their level and shoot across ( unless you deliberately want an unusual angle).

This is just a quick overview – if your pet is white or black there are exposure factors to be incorporated.

Email me for more photo taking help.

Plan ahead and take advantage of my monthly interest free payment plan

My payment option makes budgeting a breeze!

Pre order your portrait and you can then make regular interest free monthly payments as your portrait is created for your special date.

This is great for all occasions but particularly gift portraits  for Christmas , birthdays , special occasions etc.

 A deposit will grab you a spot in my queue and then you can relax and budget knowing your portrait will be ready for that special occasion!

A portrait of a dog on the wall

Natalie with her memorial portrait of Oscar

 40 x 50cms image size

 Custom Framed Oil

Chris with her portrait of Muffy , Tuffy & Scruffy

John Boy

John Boy

‘ ‘ Wow he is absolutely spectacular ! I knew once I saw the portrait in the flesh I would love him. I couldn’t stop admiring him but had to package him back up and wait!

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( John Boy is now 32 and looking a bit worse for wear. We created a portrait of him in his prime as a surprise birthday gift for Karen’s husband Jeff ).

‘ I have been patiently waiting 65 days since he arrived to be able to give to and see Jeff’s reaction.’

The day- ‘ I was so excited about giving the portrait to Jeff. Finally the moment had arrived and the unveiling was taking place. He was actually speechless when he saw it. It seemed like he didn’t say anything for an eternity. His expression was one of full emotion, it moved him that much. He didn’t need to say anything his face said it all. He was , is , so delighted with it. Once again thank you Sue. With our heartfelt thanks , Karen & Jeff


Memorial Oil pet portrait of a cat

Fluff 40 x 50cms image size Framed Oil

      “It’s lovely. Wasn’t she beautiful. I got a bit teary when I saw the painting.

                                         Fluff was a rescue cat and young when she died. “


Mr Shirt

Mr Shirt

‘ Your work is phenomenal! “

Marshall - Head Vet @ West Cessnock Veterinary Clinic