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Pastel  Portrait prices

Pastel Portraits are  available in all sizes in the Silver range.

 I can also  create portraits in custom sizes to best suit your wall space.

Silver range features include a simple shaded coloured background in a colour to best enhance your pet.

They are created using one reference photo. If your favourite photo is too blurry I can sometimes create a portrait with the help of additional photos. Additional

reference photo use is available  in the Silver line for an extra $300.

Additional pets are ‘ floated’ on the background colour ( see photo ).

Custom framing is available.

Sizes are for quoting purposes. Each portrait is created an equivalent  custom shape to best suit your photo.

A custom framed Pastel of a dog

Larger sizes are available on request.

*Prices increased on a yearly basis.

I take credit and debit card payments
A framed pastel of a pony
A 5 dog portrait with heads floated on the background

Multiple pets are floated on a background colour

A Pastel portrait of a dog
A colourful pastel portrait of a Kelpie
A Pastel of an arab horse

Here you can see the vibrancy of colour that can be achieved with Pastel.

Pastel paintings have the whole paper covered and I ‘paint’ any coloured background I require with a  colour chosen to best enhances your pet’s colour.There is not much of the background paper colour showing through. You can see the lines , marks of the Pastels as they are drawn – some smooth areas and some lined areas. They are great for blurry backgrounds.