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Gold Line Oil Portrait prices

two Alsatains placed together in a portrait from separate photos
A portrait of a man thinking up his next joke
A retired dressage horse is shown in his prime with the property as a backdrop

Sizes are for quoting purposes. Each portrait is created an equivalent  custom shape to best suit your photo.

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Larger sizes are available on request.

*Prices increased on a yearly basis.

A framed oil portrait of a great dane painted from a photo
A portrait of a cat in Oil from a photo

Jazza is shown in his prime with a backdrop of the property where he now lives. The portrait was created from multiple photos and the background is subtly  suggested so Jazza is the star!

Oils create stunning portraits.

I can mix any colour I need with oils which allows me to play with subtle colour variations and really bring your portrait to life! This is especially good with black or white animals . Oils have brilliant colours and allow me to use smaller brushes to capture the little accents in your pets expression. By the full use of warm and cool colours I can give your portrait real depth.

 I can also  create portraits in custom sizes to best suit your wall space.

Additional features included with the Gold line are –

 Your pet can be placed in a simple setting i.e- on a rug or in grass

  1. We can use multiple reference photos – if your favourite photo is a little unsharp we can use it for the pose and use suitable extra photos to help me with the details of their face etc.
  2. With suitable photos pets from different photos can be placed to look naturally together in your portrait. We can even place passed pets with current ones.

 Custom framing is available.