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 Mixed media

Pastel Pencil / Pastel prices

New Option

I now do mixed media . I use the Pastel pencil for detail and add Pastel to add vibrancy.

 Pastel pencils are great for detail, but they don’t have much brilliance. Using pastel as necessary allows me to give the portrait the impact I require.

 The best of both worlds.

 Only available in the Silver Portrait Line

Pastel pencil drawing on black paper
A Pastel Pencil drawing on black paper
A pastel Pencil drawing of a Halflinger pony with an amazing mane
A pastel pencil drawing with a simple background

A mixed media drawing with a simple coloured background to best enhance him.

Sizes are for quoting purposes. Each portrait is created an equivalent area but in a custom shape to best suit your photo.

I take credit and debit card payments

*Prices increased on a yearly basis.

Larger sizes are available