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A portrait of two stockhorses

Misty and Peppy
c 50 c 60cms image size
Framed Oil

“I received the picture this morning in the mail and it is AMAZING!  I can’t wait to give it to Simon, fortunately this year is flying past so a month shouldn’t take too long.  I did have to give it to one of the girls here to look after at her house though so I didn’t give in to temptation!  The way you captured their personalities is incredible, I almost want to pat Peppy’s outstretched muzzle.”


Both mares had died of separate accidents within 3 weeks of each other. We only had mobile phone photos for reference and they weren’t very good so I’m glad the portrait turned out as well as it did.

 Always take plenty of clear closeup photos of your horses while they are around!

– Sue