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“Ted’s portrait turned out absolutely stunning and is everything I hoped it would be!

I feel like he is in the room looking at me. He’s hung in my living room where I can see him as I relax of an evening.”


I was searching Google last year to find a Pet artist to get a painting done of my dog Bruno, and after looking at various web sites, Sue’s paintings really stood out, as did the lovely comments that customers had made.
I had Sue create Bruno’s portrait and I was so impressed with Bruno’s painting, that I knew she would bring my horse Ted to back to life in a painting. Ted had died of old age a few years ago .
I decided to get a memorial painting done of as I wanted something more than just photos to remember him by . He was a very special horse to me. As Sue’s earlier portrait of Bruno was so stunning, I decided that I wanted one like this of Ted.

Teddy was given to me when I was 18 by a friend who could no longer ride him due to a bad back .
I had other horses at the time, but he became very special to me with his intelligent and bossy personality, and came with me when I left home to go to uni, then when I moved to Kalgoorlie.
Losing Ted a few years back was like losing a part of me. He lived on my parents farm in his retirement, and he timed his passing to a day that I was back there visiting. I had him for 18 years in total.’


Sue – Holly didn’t have many photos of Ted when he was younger. We had one that was flattering but he’d been clipped so his colour was too light and the photo was blurry. We used this one for the pose and I used another sharper but less flattering photo of an older Ted to help me with the details. I removed his noseband and put his mane and forelock out at Holly’s request.

Here is the photo we used for the pose-

A lovely pose but it’s blurry and he’s been clipped so he’s not his usual darker colour.


 I can’t see the individual shape of his eyes of bone structure of his head, or the bridle clearly.

DSC_0047Here is another I used .This one is a more recent digital photo .

Ted is the horse on the right. He’s pretty old here but his face is closer to his usual colour and enlarges clearly enough to see details. His face is in the shade here so I lightened it a little so we could see him.

500framedtedThe framed portrait