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  oA custom framed memorial portrait of a horse with me to show the size.

Memorial portrait of Jet

40 x 50cms image size

 Custom framed Oil

Jet was an old gentleman. He was getting older but was still enjoying life. We always knew he would tell us when it was time and he did just that at a ripe old age of 35. He enjoyed having a munch on grass despite having no teeth overall, he was a joy to just have in your presence. My wife – Rebecca – got him when she was twelve as a birthday present from her father and he had been by her side since.


The first  photo Garvinh sent through was of an old Jet.

The first photo sent through for the portrait was of an old horse.

I felt we could do him more justice. I made him a bit younger in his portrait.

Garvinh didn’t have a lot of photos but I found one that I thought had a nice pose. It was a long way away and by the time I cropped it was really too blurry to use for a portrait.

The chosen reference photo although it is a bit blurry.

Luckily we had other younger photos that were sharper to help. They were from a different angle which made it much harder for me but the end result was worth it!

 Here are some of the other photos I used to help me.

Some extra reference photos I used.

I ended up using about 11 photos!