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A memorial pet portrait of an Alsatian dog

42 x 60cms image size

‘It was by the greatest fortune imaginable that I found Sue Linton via an internet search.

There are many artist to choose from but there was something about the quality of the portraits she’d painted and showed as examples that captivated me.Every animal’s eyes were different. I saw the personality emerging from the various paintings even when the breeds were the same. I knew I had stumbled upon someone who was truly gifted.

When my portrait of Jessie arrived I was speechless. How could someone who had never met my dog capture her so perfectly? ‘


The original reference photo

The original reference photo was cropped from a full body pose and wasn’t sharp enough to show me the shape of her eyes or head structure properly. I used extra photos to help .

A photo to help me create the portrait.

This photo although from a different angle was sharper and gave me an idea of what she looked like.

Every animal is different, like people, so if I am to get a good likeness of your pet I need to be able to see the shape of their eyes and nose and facial structure. Leigh didn’t have many photos of Jessie. Make sure you take lots of closeup sharp photos while your pet is alive!


Leigh with her portrait of Jessie

Leigh with her portrait of Jessie

A letter from Leigh-

Leigh Stafford

(m) – 0402 269 710

March, 2009

Dear Sue

Back in October last year I knew my time with my beautiful German Shepherd Jessie was coming to an end.  I didn’t know when but I knew I must start my search for the person who could capture her essence forever on canvas.  A search of the entire world using the web provided an enormous amount of choice.  The location of the artist I was planning to choose was only a minor consideration.  I needed to know the person I chose had the gift I knew I needed them to have.   You were the one I chose.

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At the end of December the time had come for me to say good bye to Jessie and it was dreadfully heartbreaking. I had your details and wrote to you soon after. You responded immediately and I was impressed by your compassion and professionalism. You worked with me to ensure I was happy every step of the way. From the initial photos to your first sketch, I knew I could trust you and I really did appreciate the way you stayed in touch with me.

I think I was still very much in the initial stages of grieving and somehow you knew that and your sensitivity was incredibly helpful to me throughout the entire process.

But nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the moment I opened up the canvas and saw your painting of Jessie. It was as if she had been there in the flesh with you and you had known her always. Incredibly your painting is almost three dimensional and you have truly captured Jessie on canvas, forever. I am in awe of the way you have managed to capture her eyes and her personality. Everyone has said the same.

I am now in possession of the most precious item in the world to me. I have the most beautiful portrait of my beloved Jessie, painted by a truly remarkable Australian artist, Sue Linton.

I am incredibly grateful to you Sue. You have the rarest of gifts in being able to reflect the truth through your art and I could have never made a better decision than the day I chose you.

Thank you.

Kindest regards always Leigh