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Gold Plus line Oil portrait prices

Oil Portraits are available in sizes larger than 30 x 40cms in the Oil plus line.

Aditional features with the Gold Plus range are –

  • Use of many reference photos – With suitable photos pets from different photos can be placed to look
    like they are together in your portrait. We can even place passed pets with current ones.
  • Using multiple reference photos with horse and rider portraits allows us to get your ideal portrait !
  • We can combining suitable flattering photos of a horse and rider so both look good in the portrait.
  • Complex settings



Here we have a memorial portrait of Oscar in his backyard. We combined a photo of Oscar at his owners wedding where he was the ring bearer with additional photos taken of his favourite spots in the backyard. I removed the necktie that held the ring from the original photo of him.

A memorial portrait of a cattledog placed in a setting of his backyard.

Old prices –

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Larger sizes are available on request.

*Prices increased on a yearly basis.

A portrait of a cat lying in a basin
We have captured Rosie lying in the sink where she loved to snooze. Rosie has since passed but her family now have this lovely memory of her captured in her portrait.
A large portrait of a rider with her two horses

Sorry . This photo was taken before I had a decent camera so it really doesn’t do the portrait justice.

This is a large complex portrait created from about

15 different photos. Cheryl was riding one of the

horses so I had to remove her and recreate the

saddlery hidden in the photo. I also had to add her

legs as she had dogs on a lead that were hiding her

legs in the other main reference photo.

I mirror reversed on of the horses for a better design

and then made sure his markings were correct ( they

were around the wrong way in the mirror reversed

reference photo).

I used additional photos to help with the tack and

Cheryl’s face.


The riginal reference photo for Ringos portrait
Ringo is usually pretty lazy.He comes to life when Amanda takes him for a run at the local training track. Amanda wanted something different in a portrait so we’ve captured the fun of those days!
A greyhound snoozes with his action portrait above him on the wall
Amanda is shown enjoying a great day at the local track with her greyhound Ringo
The track has now closed making the portrait  an even more treasured memory.

Oil creates stunning portraits.

I can mix any colour I need with oils which allows me to play with subtle colour variations and really bring your

portrait to life! This is especially good with black or white subjects .

Oils have brilliant colours and allow me to use smaller brushes to capture the little accents in your pet’s expression.

By the full use of warm and cool colours I can really give your portrait depth.