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An Australian landscape painting of a steep river gorge with grasstrees

God’s Country
20 x 30cms image size
Framed Oil

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$475 AUD

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This scene was painted onsite west of Kempsey on the Macleay River at the base of the mountains. I was up there for a few days on a painting holiday and had been driving along a lovely one lane gravel road on the side of the river. When I came upon this scene I just had to paint it! The colour of the river and cliffs and the grasstrees made a unique Australian scene!

 I set my easel up right on the edge of the drop off to the river so I could see the whole scene.I soon realised it would be easy for me to  accidentally fall over the edge as it was a big drop and I get so absorbed painting I don’t really pay attention to things like that!Erring on caution I set the easel back a bit and walked back and forward to see the view.

 It was lovely and peaceful and there were Rainbow lorikeets in the grasstrees eating seed.

 The name ‘God’s country’ came from hearing a friend talk about the area. He has property up there and calls the area by that name. I thought it was very appropriate.

The painting has a cream wooden inner slip with gold line and a mottled gold frame.

The painting is framed with a cream wooden inner slip with gold line and a mottled gold frame.

Frame detail

Closeup of the frame

Closeup of the frame