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500alex and country tide

‘ Fantastic!’


Alex  a jockey , sadly lost her favourite horse Country Tide.

She contacted me after a memorial portrait to help ease the pain of losing him. She had a lovely photo of the two of them but it was taken inside a stable via a mobile phone and wasn’t sharp or clear enough for me to create a good portrait.

Alex had other clearer photos of Country but none that she loved as much as this photo which showed the connection the two of them had.

I knew it would be difficult but I could see how much it meant to her and suggested that if she could find a similar horse I could come and take some extra photos .With those to help I was able to create their portrait although it certainly wasn’t an easy task!

Below is the original photo .

The reference photo

The reference photo

From looking at other photos of Country I could see that this photo didn’t really do him justice. He looks really dark and drab here. You can’t see his eye, or any of the structure of his head and Alex’s face is all overexposed.I used 14 different photos to help me create up with the portrait.

500Framed Alex and country tide

500 me with country tide