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A painting of a labrador dog sunning itself in a garden

30 x 40cms
Oil on gallery wrap canvas

‘I just want to say thanks so much for keeping Chelsea’s memory alive within your beautiful rendition of her.
You’ve absolutely captured her to perfection and it will be a wonderful keepsake.
All your painstaking work and masterstrokes are very much appreciated!’


Kim contacted me August last year about having a memorial portrait created of Chelsea.

‘CHELSEA was a 14 year old Golden Lab who we lost about a month ago .Beautiful temperament and the loyal friend to each family member.Never grew up really, kept thinking she was still a puppy! ‘ Kim

The chosen photo was overexposed and not very sharp but was a typical Chelsea pose –

‘ Chelsea always had a habit from a puppy of laying her head on something; resting it on a pillow or foot/shoe; or over the end of her bed.So that pic in the garden bed was somewhere she loved to lie because she could rest her chin over the edge.’

I used other photos to help me create the portrait and Kim allowed me to change the colour of the wall a little to make her stand out more. Chelsea had more colour on her than the photo shows as it was washed out.

A photo of a dog sunning itself