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A portrait of a Maltese dog

18 x 24cms image size
Framed Pastel sketch

‘Last night was the presentation of your wonderful work.

Jade is totally amazed – so are her mum and dad.

The portrait is a real treasure for that family and will hang in a place of pride.

Andrew said ‘Jade that’s the kind of work you will have till you’re my age’ her reply was -‘more likely Grandma’s age’!

Thank you for your talent and obvious love of the work. “


The framed portrait

The framed portrait

‘Thank you so much for that lovely piece of art work that you did for me.It was amazing and so realistic and colourful and so detailed and we will find the perfect place to hang it up. Thank you so much. It is perfect. ‘ From Jade.

Alison told me she had second thoughts when she booked in but told me when she received the portrait..

“‘I’m so glad I had the portrait done.

Don’t walk away and say ‘No you don’t need that!’.
I’m glad not only for myself but knowing someone else will treasure the portrait long after Boris is gone!’