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2 huntings dogs on the back of a ute are brought to life in a portrait created from a photo

 Memorial gift portrait of Bear & Storm

” Rob almost cried, both said Bears eyes were phenomenal. They were blown away by the accuracy of them.
You did extremely well. Robs usually not one for emotions lol.”

Tish - Queensland

After the success of the portrait she had created as a surprise wedding gift for her fiancee Tish decided to surprise their friends with gift memorial portraits of their dogs.

500bear andstorm with rob

Custom framed petportrait of 2 dogs painted from a photo

 Bear & Storm

 40 x 50cms image size

 Custom framed pastel

The dogs had passed years ago and although the photos weren’t ideal – not very sharp-  we had a lovely one of them both on the back of a ute. I changed the positions to come up with a stunning portrait and used colour to bring them to life!

bear & Storm ref