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Oil portrait of a horse in western gear

John Boy
50 x 60cms image size
Framed oil

( John Boy is now 32 and looking a bit worse for wear. We created a portrait of him in his prime as a surprise birthday gift for Karen’s husband Jeff )

‘ ‘ Wow he is absolutely spectacular ! I knew once I saw the portrait in the flesh I would love him.

I couldn’t stop admiring him but had to package him back up and wait!

I have been patiently waiting 65 days since he arrived to be able to give to and see Jeff’s reaction.


Read what jeff thought of his portrait

The day- ‘ I was so excited about giving the portrait to Jeff.

Finally the moment had arrived and the unveiling was taking place. He was actually speechless when he saw it.

It seemed like he didn’t say anything for an eternity. His expression was one of full emotion, it moved him that much.

He didn’t need to say anything his face said it all.

He was , is , so delighted with it.

Once again thank you Sue.

With our heartfelt thanks , Karen & Jeff


Karen contacted me back in August about having a portrait created of her husband Jeff’s horse John Boy.

She had been thinking about having a portrait done for about 10 years but hadn’t got around to it. By now  John Boy was 32 years old and looking a bit worse for wear . She was hoping I could make him look a bit younger! 

John Boy as he looked at 32 years old.

John Boy as he looked at 32 years old.

We found a photo of John Boy in his prime from the 1970's.

We found a photo of John Boy in his prime from the 1970’s.

Although the photo looks sharp here when we enlarged it to see his face I couldn’t see the shape of John Boy’s eyes properly so I got Karen to take some more recent photos of his head to help me. I also needed some photos of the saddle and bridle. I had to create the area of saddle that was hidden by Jeff’s body as he wasn’t to be in the final portrait.

The framed portrait

The framed portrait