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How to use this guide

This guide shows you the wide range of options available for your portrait.

Choose a range that best suits your budget and click on the button below it to see prices.

You can either select an option to suit your needs and contact me with it or talk to me and we can come up with the best option to suit you!

These are just a rough guide for quoting purposes and are flexible.

For example – you may select the silver line but your reference photo is too blurry and we need to use additional photos to create your portrait..just add +$300

to the silver line price.

I can sort out things like this when you contact me. This is just a general guide to show you what is available.

A portrait of an alsatian from one refernece photo with a simaple coloured background
A portrait of two alasatians put together from separate reference to look natural
A complex portrait montage in a setting

All options aren’t available in all sizes

Smaller sizes suit single head and shoulder portraits – these are too small for a full body pose or a pet in a setting.

They come with a simple coloured background to best enhance your pet.

  • 20 x 20cms Oil ( front on face only)
  • Pastel sketch special
  • 20 x 25cms image size
  • 25 x 30cms image size

Larger sizes suit full body , multiple pets , pets in a setting and action portraits

With suitable photos your ‘pet’ can be placed in a landscape or setting of your choice.

  • 30 x 40cms image size – minimum size for a single full body pose and needs to be a compact 3/4 or front on pose
  • 40 x 50cm
  •  50 x 60cms
  •  60 x 70cms
  •  larger